Marie DeMars (miischelle) wrote in midwest_belly,
Marie DeMars

July Bellydance Salon, Lawrence Kansas

Salon - July 17th at Point B
3 hours of instruction, a la carte
to stimulate the mind and body

9-10am - Conditioning for Bellydance
10:15-11:45am - Clockwork Choreography (KittenPig)
Noon-1pm - W.T.y.D.R.i.m.b.a G.I.t.P.
(Weird Things you Didn't Realize it might be a good Idea to Practice)

Pre-register by 7/15 for class discounts
Conditioning..........8$ before 7/15, 10$ at door
Clockwork ........12$ before 7/15, 15$ at door
W.T...t.P.............8$ before 7/15, 10$ at door

To make it fair to those who have paid for classes, those not taking a class will be asked to leave the studio - please be aware of any time you may have to occupy on your own, and make sure you get back in time for your next class!
for class details & to register (will go live late in the evening 6/28)
or email
with questions, etc...
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